Endangered Species ~ Environmental Issues

Species – plants, animals, and marine life – are disappearing from the plant at a rapid pace.

What Are Endangered Species

Endangered species are organisms that are in danger of becoming extinct, because so few of them still exist and/or because of environmental issues or human practices that are threatening them. Endangered species can include plants and animals (mammals, birds, and amphibians).

What Causes Endangered Species / Causes Of Endangered Species

Species can become endangered because of hunting, fishing, or overharvesting. Climate change has also caused species to become endangered or extinct, as has land development.

Facts About Endangered Species

Here are facts about endangered species:
•Banning hunting or harvesting, curtailing land development, and designing nature preserves are the three primary ways to protect endangered species.
•Three subspecies of tigers are extinct, and the Siberian Tiger is on the list of endangered species.
•Pandas have legal protection, designed to preserve the species.
•Species fall into categories of endangerment, including: extinct, extinct in the wild, critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable, near threatened, and least concern.
•Organizations representing hunters, as well as the construction industry, logging industry, and petroleum industry have all fought measures to protect endangered species.
•There are more than 41,000 species (animals and plants) on the Earth, and more than 16,000 of them are endangered.
•Almost 800 species have become extinct.

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