Climate Change ~ Environmental Issues

Climate change, also referred to as “global warming,” is one of the most significant environmental issues the Earth faces.

What Is Climate Change / Global Warming

Climate change / global warming is a change in the world’s climate over a period of years, decades, even eons. In general, climate change refers to changes in average weather conditions (warmer, overall) and changes in extreme weather events (increasing, overall).

Climate change is largely measured by recorded average temperatures, monitoring of extreme weather events, and inventory of the world’s glaciers.

Most people would agree that climate change / global warming is occurring. The debate begins over whether it’s a natural occurrence or caused by human activities that have harmed the environment, such as ozone depletion.

What Causes Climate Change / Causes Of Climate Change

The top causes of climate change and global warming include:
•greenhouse gases / ozone depletion
•nitrogen oxides from fertilizers
•continental drift
•ocean currents

What Are The Effects Of Climate Change / Effects Of Climate Change

The effects of climate change include:
•increase in temperatures overall
•more temperature extremes (such as heat waves and cold spells)
•more weather extremes (such as heavy rains)
•shrinking glaciers
•negative impacts on wildlife and ecosystems around the world
•increase in infectious diseases

Facts About Climate Change / Global Warming

Here are facts about climate change and global warming:
•In the 1990s alone, approximately 600,000 deaths could be attributed to weather-related disasters.
•Pollen levels are higher in extreme heat.
•Rising sea levels, caused by global warming, are increasingly causing coastal flooding.
•Only 27 glaciers remain in Montana’s Glacier National Park, compared to the 150 that were present in 1910.

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