Agriculture ~ Environmental Issues

Mass production agricultural practices can have far-reaching negative impacts on the environment.

What Is Agriculture

Agriculture is a term that refers to farming, which can include growing crops and raising animals in order to produce food.

What Causes Environmental Issues With Agriculture / Causes Of Agricultural Environmental Issues

The top environmental issues associated with agriculture include:
•destabilization and erosion of soil
deforestation to clear way for farmlands
•use of pesticides
•use of fertilizers
•methane gases produced by livestock

Facts About Environmental Issues With Agriculture

Here are facts about environmental issues with agriculture:
•Every year, the population of the world increases and the amount of topsoil decreases.
•Developing countries are using pesticides that have been banned in the country that originally manufactured the pesticide.
•In the late 1800s, nine out of ten people were working on a farm. Today, only about 3% of the workforce produces food and fiber.
•Organic foods refers to foods that are produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers or chemical fertilizers.