Ocean Pollution ~ Environmental Issues

Oceans and seas are one of the world’s greatest natural resources, and they’re being polluted at an alarming rate.

What Is Ocean Pollution

Ocean pollution is anything that taints the world’s seas and marine life. Ocean pollution, which is largely caused by humans, can lead to the death of plants, animals, and fish. It can also soil beaches and shores and even cause illness. Fortunately, the oceans are vast, but the disappearance of once common fish and the degradation of coral reefs prove that oceans aren’t invulnerable.

What Causes Ocean Pollution / Causes Of Ocean Pollution

The top causes of ocean pollution include:
•chemicals that are dumped into the ocean from the world’s wastewater networks
•pesticides that come from land runoff
•pollution from ships
•pollution from drilling and other types of deep sea mining
•debris that’s been dumped into the ocean
acid rain
•invasive organisms

Facts About Ocean Pollution

Here are facts about ocean pollution:
•Most ocean pollution (approximately 80%) starts on land and then washes into the ocean. This polluted runoff comes from cars, boats, septic tanks, farms, and ranches.
•Cruise liners are one of the major polluters of oceans. In a week, the average cruise ship dumps a million gallons of waste water into the ocean.
•Ocean pollution causes fish, marine plants, and birds to die.

Other types of pollution include: air pollution, river and lake pollution, and water pollution.