Water Pollution ~ Environmental Issues

Water pollution is one of the top environmental issues affecting quality of life today.

What Is Water Pollution

Water pollution is the tainting of water, including the ocean, bays, rivers, lakes, streams, and underground water supplies (such as wells and aquifers).

What Causes Water Pollution / Causes Of Water Pollution

The top causes of water pollution include:
•industrial waste dumped into water by factories, refineries, and water treatment plants
•accidental leaks and spills of chemicals and industrial products
•storm water runoff
•mining operations
•wildlife / animal waste
•leaking landfills
air pollution

Facts About Water Pollution

Here are facts about water pollution:
•The three primary causes of water pollution are sewage waste, waste water, and industrial waste.
•Water pollution is a health issue, as well as an environmental issue.
•Across the globe, an estimated 1 billion people don’t have safe drinking water.
•Only 3% of the water on the Earth is freshwater.

Other types of pollution include: air pollution, river and lake pollution, and ocean pollution.